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Viral Squad is unleashing the true potential of influencer marketing with the power of AI and Data. We are creating a unique advertising eco-system designed to disrupt the traditional nature of Advertising and make it more interactive and dynamic with people liking, sharing and commenting.

Influencer Marketing:

Why to Why Haven’t You?

No one likes a braggart

Why join the brag wagon when you can get people to talk about you. It is more credible and trustworthy coming from someone else and the chances of the message being passed on become higher. Word of Mouth Marketing has and will rule the roost. Influencer marketing is just another avatar of its.

Penny wise, pound wise

Exactly how effective is your campaign? Does it need tweaking? Unlike traditional marketing, influencer marketing lets you act faster and ascertain if you need to shift gears based on ROI. The nature of traditional medium makes the task complicated.

Shortcut to your TG

Don’t waste crucial time trying to get into the heads of your TG (that’s not to say you shouldn’t know them)! Get an influencer who is aligned to your brand’s image and half the battle is won.

Talk of the town, in no time

With influencers already having thousands or even millions of followers, your brand gets a huge readymade audience to tap into. If you recruit influencers with a ‘loyal’ following (check the level of engagement) your brand will get the eyeballs and attention you want it to

So, What Are The Usual Haunts of Influencers?

If you decide to ride the wave of opportunity (news is two-thirds of marketers will invest more on influencer marketing in 2020), you must make the 4 hangouts of influencers a part of your marketing strategy. A look at how the following platforms are grabbing mind space.


Rated #1 for the most important and effective channel with over 1 billion users and 89% influence.


Easy content creation has secured YouTube’s position at #2 with 70% influence.


The friendliness of the platform ensures that Facebook has 45% influence.


Twitter with 330 million monthly users has 33% influence (little more info would be nice)

The Way Viral Squad Does It.


Creative content and strategy

Stories live on much beyond campaigns and products sold, the reason why our strategies weave your brand’s core message into every little thing created, in the most memorable way possible. To do this we pick influencers who live your brand’s philosophy and reflect its personality.


Ai powered influencer casting and recruitment

Viral Squad works with a network of influencers and bloggers – all vetted and with expertise across traditional and social media. Likewise, these influencers aka content creators rely on us to look after their image.


Contracting and campaign execution

To all those uninitiated, getting the right influencer is just step one. Viral Squad handles step one and the ones that follow. Negotiations, legal contracts, tracking compliance, coordination of campaign content to be posted, posting, and last but definitely not the least; the payments.


Detailed Reporting

Metrics that matter for your brand will be shared regularly. Over and above this, we measure the effectiveness of the influencers picked for any project. This helps identify influencers who deliver, and the type of content and channels that should be tapped and viola we are ready for an even more impactful campaign.

Ai and Data

The Big Bang in Influencer Marketing.

Why is a good influencer not enough?

Unless you want just good reach versus spectacular reach is critical to get an Influencer who is a perfect fit for your brand. A bang on Audience will follow! There is an information and marketing overload on the digital space and to cut through the clutter you need to reach the right influencer. Ai and Data technology helps us sift through all this.

Where is the money going?

AI and Data helps quantify the value of each and every post in your campaign. Additionally they ensure that the influencers are genuine and worth taking onboard. Viral Squad calculates EMV (earned media value) and ROI, analyses your CPI (cost per impression) and CPE (cost per engagement).

Is real-time campaign tracking possible?

YES. Know how your campaign is faring in real-time. See for yourself how many people it is reaching, and the engagement and interactions it generates. Viral Squad gives you in-depth information regarding its performance, total media value earned, impressions, a summary of all media engagements and last but definitely not the least, it measures the campaign’s performance against the money spent or what we call ROI

Will influencer marketing catch clients attention ?

Depends. There is no denying that your potential clients are spending less time on TV, they are skipping traditional commercials, and banners have become a blind spot for them. But there is a way to catch their attention and cut through the noise – by roping in influencers who have their constant scroll-time and attention.

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