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It feels great to be paid for all the things you love doing; filming videos, sharing photos and experiences, crafting tweets and stories, or being yourself. The best part is, you get to decide how much you want to make!


Well, if money means nothing or very little to you, Viral Squad opens up opportunities and avenues with special access to events and experiences, and freebies and associations that take you closer to stardom.


With opportunities befitting your personal brand and audience interest, knocking several times over, your earnings will sure feel like hitting the jackpot. It will also allow you to create quality content for your following.

Own It

Be your boss. Sign up for free. Skip the contracts and gimmicks. Choose the brands that share your values and interests. Pick what you want to work on and what you don’t and last but not the least, share your social media accounts but NEVER give up rights to it!

How does it work?


Join and connect your social networks


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Get paid or rewarded

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